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About Us

For over 60 years, we have operated under 3 simple beliefs; nutrition and flavour go hand-in-hand, there’s always an opportunity to innovate and customer service is everyone’s job.

Our Values: Commitment, Process and Growing

Forever Inspired by Fidela

Fidela (the Matricarch) would gather her family and make memories around the kitchen table by preparing simple, easy and fun meals.

To honour her memory, DelFrescoPure® features her recipes and is inspired by her family values.

Bringing quality, fresh taste and passion to gourmet greenhouse items. For over 60 years, we have operated under 3 simple beliefs; nutrition and flavour go hand-in-hand, there’s always an opportunity to innovate and customer service is everyone’s job.

  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Fresh taste

We purchased our first farm and quarter acre greenhouse operation in 1956 where we began growing in greenhouses, and outdoors, and in 1984, we began the transition from traditional green housing to hydroponically grown greenhouses. We are ensuring a better pack for the consumer and also ensuring that the cold chain isn’t broken to make sure we deliver our customers the freshest of produce.

During their 40-year tenure as executive management of DelFrescoPure® Jamie and Carl have successfully scaled the family-owned business and expanded the greenhouse growing space, delivering fresh produce across North America.

Being pioneers of the greenhouse industry, Carl and his family’s commitment to freshness, taste and quality keeps DelFrescoPure® invested in the latest and most innovative technology in the industry.

The greenhouse growing techniques we use today have been passed down the family tree for more than 60 years.

We are a single family owned and operated company located in Kingsville and Leamington, Ontario – Canada’s southernmost municipality and the heart of Canada’s greenhouse industry. DelFrescoPure® continues to excel at growing and delivering our niche gourmet greenhouse items.

President and CEO, Carl Mastronardi, has been growing hydroponically for over 35 years. Carl is a firm believer that you must truly love what you do in order to succeed in any environment. For Carl, greenhouse growing has always been his passion.

So Much Love Raving Fan

Just discovered your marvelous strawberries at our local Sobeys. Could not believe the flavour and sweetness. We told several shoppers about them and they all bought a packet. They taste better than any berries we bought last summer. Bravo! - Tim

Just wanted to say thank you for using compostable packaging. I make sure to shop where I can get your product, which is Farm Boy and the food is great too! Way to go! - Jane

I bought these tomatoes in Mentor, Ohio. They were as good as home grown tomatoes. Thank you! - John W.

I purchased your strawberries at Metro and I wanted to tell you that my family was impressed with how delicious they are. The are indeed outrageously sweet! - Claire

Your DelFrescoPure® Delights are the most delicious, succulent, juicy commercial tomatoes I have ever eaten. I buy your products in New Hampshire and even take extra with me when I travel to other places. Kudos, congrats and great praises in growing and sharing what tastes like a real summer tomato. - Peter W.


Awards and Recognitions

Carl Mastronardi (OPMA) wins 2018 Produce Person of the Year

DelFrescoPure wins Buyers Choice award at PMA Fresh Summit 2017

Our Certificates

CTPAT Your supply chain's strongest link
Canadian Produce Marketing Association
Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Canadian Food Safety Fund 2023-2024 Supporter
The Ontario Produce Marketing Association
SQFI institute. One world. One Standard.
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario, Health and Safety Excellence program Member 2023
Pro-Cert, North America's leading certifier of organic, gluten-free and grass-fed products.
Fonds pour la salubrite alimentaire du canada contributeur 2023-2024
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Association québécoise de la distribution de fruits et légumes
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