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Types of Organics

Organic Mini Cucumbers

Packing a serious crunch. DelFrescoPure® Organic Mini Cucumbers are a candy bar sized cucumber are rich in texture and despite their size, pack a big crunch. Enjoy these Organic Mini Cucumbers on the go or in salads, dips and cool beverages. DelFrescoPure® Organic Mini Cucumbers are also the go-to green vegetable for your own homemade pickles!

  • Grab-N-Go for lunches
  • Cucumber peel is a good source of dietary fiber
  • Organic Mini cucumbers are an excellent addition to a healthy diet
  • Customized packaging available


There are very strict guidelines that we have to follow in order to have our Organic Mini Cucumbers keep their designation. DelFrescoPure® Organic Mini Cucumbers have different sprays, different growing processes and have designated areas so the commodities do not interact.

Organic Seedless Cucumbers

Crisp crunch in every bite. DelFrescoPure® greenhouse grown Organic Mini Cucumbers are a refreshing and delicious addition to any meal. With their crisp texture and clean taste, they are a perfect choice for salads, sandwiches, or even as a healthy snack on their own.

  • High in water content
  • Cucumbers are a good source of Vitamin C
  • Great for salads, dips and drinks!
  • Customized packaging available


Nourishing from the outside in. Pureed or sliced cucumber gives almost instant relief to sunburnt skin. Just place some against the affected area.

Five tomatoes from a vine group together on a blank white background

Organic Tomatoes on the Vine

Sweet and full of flavour. DelFrescoPure® greenhouse grown Organic Tomatoes on the Vine are left to ripen on the vine for a very sweet, delicious and full-flavored experience. DelFrescoPure® greenhouse grown Tomatoes on the Vine are ideal for healthy soups, salads, and sandwiches.

  • Clusters of four to five per vine
  • Vine ripened to enhance flavor
  • Medium-sized with bright color
  • Customized packaging available


DelFrescoPure® Organic Tomatoes on the Vine are sweeter than other varieties. That’s because they are left to ripen on the vine and sold still attached with the vine they grew on, which also prolongs shelf life.

Organic Red Grape Tomatoes

Nutritious and flavorful boost with every bite. Not only do DelFrescoPure® greenhouse grown Organic Red Grape Tomatoes taste great, but they are also full of nutrients that are essential for good health. One of the main benefits of organic red grape tomatoes is that they are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. These tiny but mighty DelFrescoPure® Organic grape tomatoes are perfect for salads or even a bite-sized snack for your family to enjoy.

  • Great for snacking
  • Small, sweet and full of flavor
  • High in Vitamins A and C
  • Customized packaging available


Organic Red Grape Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants. It helps to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Organic Sweet Rainbow Peppers

Deliciously sweet and vibrant. DelFrescoPure® greenhouse grown Organic Sweet Rainbow Peppers are a colourful and flavourful addition to any meal. Not only are they visually appealing with their vibrant colors, but they are also incredibly sweet on the inside. They are grown without the use of harmful pesticides that are better for both the environment and your health..

  • Great source of vitamins and nutrients
  • Available in red, yellow and orange
  • 90% water composition
  • Customized packaging available


Eat in colour – it’s good for you! Did you know that red vegetables contain lycopene which improves heart health, decreases prostate and breast cancer risk, contributes to stroke prevention and increases brain function? Also orange and yellow vegetables contain carotenoids which reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation, strengthen the immune system, build healthy skin and improve vision.

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