Mini Cucumber Strawberry Boats

NEW ORLEANS, LA, October 27, 2017 – If you’ve watched shows like Chef’s Table, you already know you’re never too old to put a little bit of fun into your eating experience. And it looks like the buyers at PMA Fresh Summit agreed! In PMA’s annual Sensory Experience Contest, a panel of professional produce buyers, food bloggers and local kids alike cast their vote at this year’s Fresh Summit convention, selecting DelFrescoPure®’s Mini Cucumbers Strawberry Boats as the winner of its ‘Buyers’ Choice Award’.

“We were excited to compete in the Sensory Experience Competition and were thrilled when we won the Buyers’ Choice Award, featuring our Mini Cucumber Strawberry Boats. The recipe features our Mini Crunchers Cucumbers® and YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack™ strawberries with a touch of feta cheese and reduced balsamic vinegar. The combination is sweet, crunchy and refreshingly light! Our team has worked hard on developing innovate recipes for in-store demos with children as the main focus.” Stated Fiona McLean, Marketing Manager.

PMA has annually continued its Sensory Experience Contest as a way to promote a greater consumption of fresh produce at home, in schools and across foodservice settings. Set up as a way of showcasing the delicious flavors and beautiful colors of fresh fruits and vegetables, the panel of judges selected the final recipes based on the following criteria, according to PMA:

  • Produce-centric: Produce should be the primary ingredient and the star of the dish
  • Innovative: The dish should be innovative and creative, without precluding the ability to easily replicate it in a home or commercial kitchen setting
  • Visually appealing: The dish must be “eye catching” and be vibrant and colorful, without hindering the ability to replicate the recipe in a home or commercial setting
  • Kid-friendly: The dish should appeal to children and be easily replicated in a school or consumer kitchen

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Mini Cucumber Strawberry Boats Recipe



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